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2015 saw France cpme way down the field in 25th.


In 2014 France came last in the final and are vying with the UK as the worst of the automatic qualifiers in recent years.


They were one of the original Eurovision Song Contest countries in 1956.

The French it seems view the contest as not culturally good enough and they seem to have lost their way in Eurovision having not won since 1977.


In 2013 Amandine Bourgeois sung L'Enfer Et Moi it did badly and came 23rd.


In 2012 voters didn’t take to the French entry and it only received 21 points from the rest of Europe.


2011 saw Amaury Vassili take his chance with the operatic Sognu and the song looked to have a great chance and was sent off favourite, but the song didn’t work in the cavernous Esprit Arena and France came a poor 15th.


In 2010 France chose Jessy Matador singing Alllez Olla Ole but it was received poorly and trailed in way down the field in 12th place.

In 1977 the song L'osieau et L’Enfant which took the contest was sung by Marie Myriam.

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France 14 Year Finishing Position

2014: 26

2013: 23

2012: 22

2011: 15

2010: 12

2009: 08

2008: 18

2007: 22

2006: 22

2005: 23

2004: 15

2003: 18

2002: 05

2001: 04

2000: 23


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